Age Of Loneliness

by - September 16, 2009

A place which was a grassland inhibited by creatures of all types.. now lies in ruins... Destroyed by civilization, lies a lonely desert.

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  1. Despite being ruined. In it's own form the place looks beautiful. Would be a decent place to spend a quiet evening watching the sun hide behind the mountains. (Hope modes of travelling are still available over there? :-D) But, this picture is seriously very nicely done!

    - Pixellicious Photos

  2. I feel you could have done better than this, considering your poetic approach... I only am able to see the message you want to convey through this photo when I read your comment while looking at photo... I think you should shirk this dependency and your photos should speak themselves without help of any additional comment to it and I believe you can do it very well...
    Once again congratulations with a hope to see photos from you, done as per my suggestion...

  3. It is interesting, had we no history, we would not know, from the photo, the mountains had been denuded. I have no idea how you might convey the environmental impacts, except maybe to show erosion. As it is, the crags are lovely.