Sunshine On A Barren Planet

The sun shines down its interstellar beams on the barraan planet. Creating a view that is to appreciate,to behold. But with no civilization around, this view will fade away into oblivions of the universe


  1. Looks like a martian sunset! I'm sure some aliens might have witnssed this beautiful scene. Wonderfuly done!

  2. This really does look like an alien planet.

    Suggestion #1 (they'll keep coming if (and only if) at least 15% are implemented): insert a characteristic creature at a random corner -- in one of five scenes, not more. All scenes homogeneous... no, something should keep the interest, even if each scene is good by itself.

    Perhaps you could create a scene quickly, without too much work, and insert the creature in that one :-)

  3. @ Der König des Wolfens

    Thanks for taking time to leave a comment... Your idea speaks to me, but unfortunately terragen doesnt have features to create characters, what I can say is I will look for a software that allows me to do that and also accepts terragen's format to create a composite graphic.


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